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January 2012

This website is dedicated to Truth and the bringing forth of the Ascended Masters Teachings. The term “Theosophia" means “Divine Wisdom" . In fulfillment of the inner direction, in 2009 I created this website to bring forth the wisdom that would allow people to choose the Truth of God or the false teachings of those who espoused a false path back to heaven.

This website is not for everyone by any means. But those whose hearts resonate with the path of Christhood, as taught by Jesus and other Ascended Masters, will recognize the Teachings of the true saints East and West. I follow in the footsteps of other great teachers who dedicated their lives to God and Service. I honor their lives and their teachings, incorporating the truth they brought, and building upon those truths with progressive revelation for the time and challenges of this day and age.

Nowhere on this site do I promote myself as above these ancient teachings or teachers. I serve in the capacity of Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood by merit, for my previous record of serving God since coming into embodiment. God was in my heart from my earliest memories, and the truths that I teach and espouse come because I know them in my heart to be true. Either they help you know yourself and God, or they are not for you because you resonate with your truth—which may not be complete or the highest truth because of fallen man's intervention to obstruct Truth.

The path back home to God is fraught with challenges. The world today exemplifies much greed, selfishness and war. In heaven we are known as the "warring planet". But our true destiny is to be the "Freedom Star". If each one of us are to fulfill our destinies, we must put aside our differences and see that we share this planet with those who fell from heaven a long time ago. We can never make peace with those who espouse darkness as their truth, or those who align themselves with darkness. We are not asked to condone evil or ignore it. We are asked first, to not entertain evil in our worlds, and second, to do our best to eradicate evil. Although evil has no reality in God, it is very real in the world because there are those who make it reality by hating God.

This website addresses evil and what to do about it. If you do not believe in challenging evil, then this website and teachings will not be for you. Go in the Way of the LORD wherever that will take you.

Lorraine, I AM


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